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Registered under Societies Registration Act VI of 1998 (1941 A.D.)

Recognised by Jammu and Kashmir State Sports Council

Affiliated with Nehru Yuva Kendra Sangathan (District Srinagar J&K)

An Autonomous Body Under Ministry Of Youth Affairs And Sports Government of India

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Iron Fist Wing Chun (IFWC)

IFWC is a not-for-profit organization working towards sports, fitness, healthy society, women’s self defence and empowerment of women in valley. First of its kind in entire valley the organization is driven by the mission to facilitate the process of creating an enabling environment for youth to exercise their mind towards sports & fitness and to create a support system to elevate them. Its vision is to guide youth for their holistic development by channelizing their energy towards meaningful activities, thus bringing about a positive and constructive thinking that results in prosperity. The main objective of the society is to train youth (A slant towards feminism) in terms of Sports, Fitness, Self Defence, Sports Martial Arts, Organising self defence camp, coaching for physical education teachers etc. Being one of a kind IFWC society aims to provide skilled training especially to female folks of society to boost their self defence skills and to use the same as carrier.

IFWC programmes include training camps, tournaments and championships, thus providing a platform to these children to bone their skills and showcase their talent. IFWC taps in to the potential talent and provides opportunity to climb up the stairs of social empowerment and shape character by inculcating a sense of belongingness in the society. Some of the IFWC students are currently playing at the national and international events and earn laurels for the country.

With an intention to reinforce the youth of our state with the power of sportsmanship the NGO focuses on using sports as a medium to encourage learning and breed leadership among the youth in the state, bringing people from various districts together leads to stronger bond between tribes, neighbours and families. This initiative is a medium to enhance community partnership and promote traditional rural sports.


In this globalization era every human being is busy in work, work and work and they don’t have much time to exercise and care of body, not proper diet, not proper schedule of life, resulting suffering from various disease. Lots of research has been done in this field which clearly shows that due to lack of Physical activity, the body immune system and other function of body is affected. To avoid this health related problem, physical education for every human being is must from the birth till death but unfortunately in our state we don’t have the Physical Culture or any NGO to support the cause.

First of its kind Iron Fist Wing Chun is a state based non profit organisation which uses sports to transform the lives of the youth into a much engaged, tension free and mind diverted place. The academy was formed in 2012 got affiliated with Nehru Yuva Kendra Sangathan and Societies registration in 2015 as NGO by president Dr. Peerzada Mohammad Iqbal (IFWC), a national-level sportsman, brand consultant, philanthropist and social entrepreneur. IFWC has a well educated and disciplined board of members, whose reputation is branded in high level media like of Aljazeera, EMMRC (Kashmir University), BBC, India Times, and many other reputed national and international media. IFWC uses sports to help the disadvantaged break out of the vicious circle of disturbed minds of youth in valley and promote inclusive social growth in our communities.


  • We provide a platform where youngsters get a chance to showcase their talent of sports and foster it as a mean of livelihood.
  • We attempt to teach them the importance of character and personality building.
  • We endeavour to facilitate the journey of upliftment of the destitute youth who have the potential to become the future of the nation in sports.
  • We extend a helping hand to the youth at the bottom of the pyramid who are often denied access to the increasing opportunities.
  • We make youth a stakeholder in the inclusive growth of the country and steer them away from falling prey to anti-social elements and self-destructing.
  • We try to achieve all this by providing infrastructure, equipment and training.
  • We organise health and self-defence camps for community.
  • We support sports persons to participate in district, state, inter-state and national level events.

What we can do more

  • Offer scholarships to meritorious person of the state, national and international events.
  • We can offer sports infrastructure and sports equipments to deserving sports candidates
  • As per our reputation and demand we can run sports academies and sports training centres across the state.

Being an area of conflict the youth are diverted from antisocial elements into something useful and innovative (From ‘S’ to ‘S’ – Stone to Sports)



Sport is increasingly being viewed by the society in general and young people in particular as a tool to achieve personal and community development objectives. Government and non-government agencies, at national as well as international level, are incorporating it in their strategies to address humanitarian and development work. Sport is also being adopted as a part of corporate social. As a national initiative government of India has made mandatory in schools to learn and teach sports and Martial arts (self defence).


Empower youth to climb ladder of success by enrolling them into sports, self defence and moral education.


Sport is a cost-efficient tool which can help in making the world a better place. Our vision is to use sports to make youth, especially feminine of our society, a better and secure place to live.


Contribute towards the development of the country through youth empowerment, laurels in Olympics, Sports as Carrier and protection of women to train themselves in Martial arts.

Our success stories

Our recent success of Kashmir Gold cup – 2016. Students of IRON FIST WING CHUN participated and won the prize. Apart from male participants, female also took part and made their parents proud. Out of 17 participations students bagged 12 medals in the interstate competition. The game is recognized by Jammu and Kashmir Department of Youth service and Sports and Indian Olympic association.

Apart from participation students also demonstrated one of a kind act. The same was captured on DD national TV. The guest of Honour was Hon’ble Ex CM Dr. Farooq Abdullah and Mubarak Gul Venue: Sher-e-Kashmir Indoor Stadium dated 6-8th of June, 2016.

7th National Sub Junior Tong Il Moo Do Championship:- On 17th to 19th of May, 2016 Kashmir Tong Il Moo Do Association in sponsorship with Jammu and Kashmir bank organized 7th sub junior National Championship venue Sher-e-Kashmir Indoor stadium. The event was a huge success. IRON FIST WING CHUN is the district affiliated representation of the said association. The national event was a good opportunity to valleys students. 27 participations in the national event from IRON FIST WING CHUN took part both males and females. 22 students bagged a national rank for the said event.

Cherish movements:

Some of the cherish movements of students being given medals and trophies. One of the youngest students of IRON FIST WING CHUN Eshal Maryam (7 years) bagged gold apart from competing 6 rounds of her bout from other states of the country. Approximately 17 states took part in the said event.

Taste of success:

IRON FIST WING CHUN trains all types of students no barriers, no restriction, a minimal life time one time registration charge is borne towards national federation which in turn allows all students to participate in different types of district, state and national events.

A high level of success

Our instructors and teachers teach in such a way that our main motto is fulfilled. The reputation and rank of our NGO is so achieved, People prefer to come to our academy.


Various training courses are being held by IRON FIST WING CHUN. Experts from all over the country are invited for special sessions. Shehan Sanjeev Dewan one of the renowned sports personality was invited for special session for a week in IRON FIST WING CHUN academy. Students were very enthusiastic and took the workshop very seriously. Shehan sanjeev dewan is the chief instructor of Renmei Goju Ryu Karate Do federation of Indian. A sports recognized by Jammu and Kashmir Department of Youth services and sports.

D.B. Rai, Chief Instructor AKIDO was invited to train students in terms of self defence. We take women self defence very seriously. D.B.RAI has never trained locals or students; he has trained commandos, National Defence Force, Air force etc. Here students got privileged to interact with him and a workshop for three days was organised by IRON FIST WING CHUN.

Legendary Ajaz Khan Boxer gave valuable lesson on boxing and taught students the pros and cons of the sports. Ajaz Khan lives in Toronto Ontario. An international valley borne athlete.

Training Camps and certificate Courses.

For our reputation, we have a very high demand of organising camps and courses in schools, colleges, organisations, health institutions, as well as in Universities. Recently College of Physical Education invited us to spare our services in training PT teachers of Colleges of Valley.

After taining course is completed which is approximately of two years. Our parent affiliated organization provide certificate which is equalent to diploma in physical education as the same is recognized by Jammu and Kashmir Department of Youth services and Sports and Indian Olympic association.

Students being awarded with certificates, after every three months practical exam is conducted which shows the calibre of a student. And latter describes the level of fitness he has. The more the high level the high chances of him/her being a good teacher/ trainer.

Winners of Kashmir Got Talent

Grand finale of Kashmir’s Got Talent was held at University of Kashmir’s Convocation Complex on 20th of December, 2015. Where, Thousands of people attended the event throughout the day. According to Pace Productions, organizer of the event, 64 out of 5800 participants made it to the grand finale of the four-month long competition, auditions of which were held at 70 different educational institutions. Prizes worth Rs 1.5 lac were distributed among 27 winners. The finalists (IRON FIST WING CHUN) performed in the categories of gymnastics / aerobics. The Vice Chancellor of the University of Kashmir, Professor Khurshid Andrabi presided over the event. The chief guest for the occasion was Member Parliament, Muzaffar Hussain Beigh. Guests of honour were Director School Education Kashmir, Dr. Shah Faisal; Managing Director, Sachin Parihar Films; Director, Business School, Kashmir University, Prof. S Mufeed; and Head of Law Department, Kashmir University, Prof. Ayoub Dar. In his address, Muzaffar Hussain Beigh acknowledged the need to bring forward talented side of Kashmir and urged the youth to not just focus on politics but their talents as well. Pertinently, the talent hunt began four- months back with auditions having been held across Kashmir, including Sopore, Baramulla, Pahalgam, Srinagar, Pattan, Ganderbal, Shopian and Ladakh. The first prize winner was IRON FIST WING CHUN (nick named as Kung fu traceurs).

Self Defence For Females

IRON FIST WING CHUN provides realistic, effective self-defense training for today’s busy female. The mission at IRON FIST WING CHUN is simple – empowering you to fight back against crime, abusing, teasing and sexual harrasment.


By providing you training and education in:

  • Awareness
  • Prevention
  • Risk reduction
  • Risk avoidance; and
  • Self-realization of your own physical power

These tools greatly increase personal protection options to combat odd situation.

The paradox of self-defence is that the more prepared you are, the less likely you are to need it. When one can recognize and respond effectively to potentially dangerous situations, one is more confident in everyday activities.

At IRON FIST WING CHUN we believe that women’s self-defence training is more than just kicking and punching. We assist women in three ways to combat crime:

  1. By Engaging the Mind we help them identify and recognize early warning signals, criminal processes and how criminals operate;
  2. By Educating the Body we teach hands-on effective, easy to learn techniques that maximize damage while not relying on strength; and
  3. By Empowering the Spirit we build survival mindset to ensure ones own personal safety.

As women, our self-defence training consisted of having been taught not to hit or fight back. That someone else will protect us. Unfortunately, the statistics show that the “someone else”usually turns out to be our attacker/abuser.

There are multiple challenges and obstacles when seeking for women’s self-defence and personal safety training. The largest obstacle for most women is finding a competent, quality, easy going professional women’s self-defence trainers who understand the challenges faced as women and what will, and won’t do, in defence. And most importantly, we deliver classes in a laughing and relaxing mood, while still tackling a serious subject.

Our IRON FIST WING CHUN excels in this approach. We present information in clear, concise training formats so women can easily walk out of class and immediately implement the self-defence training strategies learned.

Most people believe it takes years to learn effective women’s self-defence. Well, it doesn’t. We can empower it by giving the skills and confidence one need to identify, avoid and survive crime by preparing you both mentally and physically for today’s violence.

IRON FIST WING CHUN is the only complete women’s self-defence system in the world. By “complete” we mean that women will learn not only how to survive violence, but how to recognize pre-conflict indicators and to be aware of post-conflict dangers. We provide women with the tools to handle these situations.

Here are some of the benefits one can expect from taking our women’s self-defence training

  • Becoming more aware of surroundings
  • Developing most powerful weapon – your mind
  • Managing fear and performing effectively under pressure
  • Building your self-esteem through self-defence training
  • Taking control over emotional well-being
  • Becoming less vulnerable by minimizing victim potential
  • Using our training drills to become healthier, fitter and mentally tougher while learning functional self-defence skills
  • Accelerating your powerful personal development process through our self-defence training
  • Learning to make street smart decisions in bad situations
  • Understanding a predator’s game plan and how to defeat it
  • Understanding and implementing the 7 Steps to Self-Defence Safety™
  • Learning the 5 Stages to Violent Crime and effective response strategies
  • Learning the 5 Stages to Effective Self-Defenceand how to take control of your safety
  • Understanding the Power Spiral and how it turns from “scared” to “Wonder Woman”

These are just a few of the benefits of training with the IRON FIST WING CHUN. We exceed women’s needs when it comes to our personal self-defence safety training.

Yours in Empowerment,

Dr. Peerzada Mohammad Iqbal
President & Chief instructor

Inauguration of XI free running Academy

Training courses from renowned Grand Masters

Kashmir Free Running and Parkour Family


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